Marius Prinsloo is the founder of Pproperties and is staying in the Moot since 1971 and therefore knows the area like the palm of his hand.  Before joining the Property Market, Marius was a Landscaper, and everyone in the Moot knew him.  Because of his love for gardens and the nature of his work then, he was constant in and out of people’s gardens and ended up in their kitchens and houses and soon conversation about property started. 
With a mind of his own and a will to enter the Property Market, Marius did the necessary courses and wrote the Estate Agency Board exam and passed with flying colours.  In 2001 Marius Prinsloo started his own agency known as Pproperties.  The name Pproperties was derived from his surname "Prinsloo" and the crown on the "P" is a symbol of the blessings on the business as from day 1.  
At first the business only focused on the buying and selling of properties until 2006 when Sandra Prinsloo, wife of Marius Prinsloo joined the business .  Sandra Prinsloo a qualified Medical Microbiology Technologist worked at the University of Pretoria`s Institute of Pathology for 10 years.   The many overtime and weekend work and always struggling to take leave, Marius convinced Sandra to resign and join his fast growing business.
In April 2006 Sandra resigned at the University of Pretoria and did the Estate Agency Board exam and a few Rental Management Courses before starting the Rental department from scratch.  The rental department known as Pprop Letting is in business since July 2006 and is currently managing a good quantity of properties.  Sandra Prinsloo acting as Manager of the Rental department is in charge of managing the Tshwane accounts of properties, arranging for Maintenance, paying rent via EFT`s to owners, paying Rates & Taxes & Levies on behalf of owners, doing inspections of properties etc.  In short Pprop Letting is a Managing AGENT towards your investment.
We are still known as Pproperties and Prop Letting, although we registered our business as Prins Property Letting and Management CC in 2011.
We are running a successful business and are here to be of help for Potential Buyers & Sellers, as well as Potential Lessors and Lessee’s. 
prepaid meters for houses, flats, granny & garden flats.  The main goal for Property Prepaid Meters at first was for managing our rental property`s electricity accounts.  We managed to install prepaid meters in most of our rental properties and being a Prepaid Vendor it was easy to take charge of our rental properties.  No more struggling to get monies from tenants... this division is managing Lessor`s prepaid meters all over.  We buy Tshwane prepaid in bulk and provide prepaid buyers with a token directly to their cellphone. Prepaid can be bought online in the comfort of your own home of office.  We also provide tokens for sub-prepaid meters directly to a buyers cellphone.
The above is a sign of the efficiency of our business PRINS PROPERTY LETTING AND MANAGEMENT.
Why wait, pick up the phone and call us now!!!


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